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The Horse Assisted Learning Organisation Ltd, better known as HALO was founded by Christine Fairweather and friends and it is the collaborative nature of the work that takes place with Christine, the horses, and the HALO Associates and friends that makes the HALO model of work unique. We are based at our North Devon headquarters.

HALO Dorset
HALO Dorset is managed by Penny Grigg in association with HALO Ltd. Penny currently works out of a small private yard near Dorchester. HALO Dorset delivers monthly wellness days to small groups with Penny working alongside either Christine Fairweather or Georgie Miller. Penny is developing her practice using the EGALA model and the principles of Horse Assisted Learning in Dorset. Penny and Christine are an established team of EGALA professionals with plenty of experience. Contact Penny at HALO Dorset using the Contact page.

What is Horse Assisted Learning?
Horse Assisted Learning (HAL) is an increasingly popular technique for training and continuous professional development. It provides a creative way for employees to work, individually or in groups, toward particular goals. HAL is well suited to team building and skills development but can also address more personal problems which affect work performance such as depression, bullying and substance misuse. HAL involves bringing individuals or teams into close proximity with horses. Horses instinctively understand how to read another creatures moods and intentions and so the way the horses react to people provides insight into how best to adapt behaviour and attitudes to bring about positive change.

Horses involved in Horse Assisted Learning are never ridden nor sat upon, in fact some of our horses won’t even be wearing their shoes! Instead we observe how people and horses react to one another and this can help to deliver remarkably profound insights which then informs development.

HALO is proud to support the aims and ethics of the European Association of Horse Assisted Education (EAHAE) and Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Organisation (EAGALA), and provide staff trained and accredited by these bodies.


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HALO also has four affiliated companies, these are;

  • HALO Equilibrium which offers services to increase wellbeing and aid personal developement
  • HALO Right Track which offers services to aid recovery and healing and change problematic patterns of behaviour.
  • HALO Horse Play which offers services for families, which improve relationships by developing healthy boundaries and trust, and to children and young people who find it hard to cope in a school environment.
  • HALO Take The Lead which offers services to corporate clients to develop leadership skills, team building, personal impact awareness and employment and communication skills.